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    Refrigerant Compressor

    R410A DC inverter 

    1850-13200W,COP2.674-3.128,Test condition JIS

    R410A Constant-Speed 

    220-240V,50Hz,1525-7220W,COP 2.675-2.953,General energy efficiency Models

    220V,60Hz,1875-8950W,COP 2.841-2.949,General energy efficiency Models

    230V,60Hz,1630-5120W,COP 2.763-2.994,General energy efficiency Models

    R22 Constant-Speed

    220-240V,50Hz,2840-8675W,COP 4.939-3.104,Hi energy efficiency Models

    380,50Hz,7394-8495W,COP 3.018-3.224,Hi energy efficiency Models

    Bitzer compressor 4DC-5.2(5HP.R22)
    Trane oil OIL00022
    solest 170
    Hanbell compressor Oil HBR-B02
    Hanbell compressor Oil HBR-B01
    Panasonic Compressor C-SB453H8A
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