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    Emerson Part

    This filter drier air-conditioning and refrigeration system is one of the indispensable filtration components, used to adsorption system left in the water content and filter may cause system obstruction of the contamination, ensure the normal operation of the system.

    Dry filter the hermetic seal demolished the import and export, shall be immediately into units, not long time exposed to the atmosphere, in order to avoid moisture invaded, increase water gets desiccant adsorption, reduce desiccant water absorption capability. Dry filter the arrow with the direction of the fluid in the system flow direction is consistent. Can any position installation. Pay attention to the compatibility of desiccant refrigerant.
      Technical data

    Note:Take over form have whorl,weld,ect.,accept special specification process.

    EMERSON filter core D-48
    Emerson-Copeland Compressor ZR380KCE-TWD-523
    Emerson-Copeland Compressor ZR250KC-TWD-522
    Emerson-Copeland Compressor ZRD61KC-TFD-532
    Emerson-Copeland Compressor ZR144KC-TFD-422
    Emerson-Copeland Compressor ZR160KCE-TFD-522
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