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    Float switches are the automatic control component based on the liquid level, which normally work with drain pump or solenoid valve to control the liquid level. It can turn on/off the device to provide an early warning,when the liquid level changes.
    When float switch is energized, the reed can open or close. As the liquid level increases, the reed will close or open effected by magnetic field. Thus a signal can be generated to make early warning.
    Float switch is composed of reed, float, shell, epoxy resin and lead wire. The function of each component goes as follows:
    1)reed:close or open effected by magnetic field and pass this function to circuit;
    2)Float(Float + magnetic ring): Float moves magnetic ring up or down which change the magnetic field surrounding reed and make the reed to close or open.。
    1)reliable function;
    2)long life;
    3)High performance-price ratio.
    Power Module 0011800328F
    Expansion valve PQM10245
    Power Moudula 0010450352
    Haier Main Control Board 0010400406
    Haier Motor Outdoor 001A300026E
    Haier Electric Board 0010450126A
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