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    Kybom Chillers
    Water Cooled Screw Chiller Features
    High efficiency compressor
    1.Advanced twin screws compressor with optimum structure can  realize automatic stepless or 4 steps capacitycontrol to achieve high efficiency.
    2.Running noise is low thanks to low friction area inside the compressor. 
    3.The compressor has a long lifetime profiting from high performance of interior oil segregator.
    Highly efficient and reliable heat exchanger
    1.Flooded type (optional) / dry type evaporator and shell & tube condenser, with unique heat exchanger structure and optimum copper pipe combination, enhance the heat emission and exchange efficiency greatly. 
    2.Self-cleaning, high intensity and anti-shaking design ensure the heat exchanger unstained, reliable, quiet.
    Control functions
    1.Distant control function 
    2.Multiple operation control function: cooling, self-diagnostic, manual changeover
    3.Record the malfunction query function 
    4.User-friendly operation touch controller 
    5.Intelligent control compatible with most communication
    Complete protections ensure high reliability and stability
    1.Compressor overload protection 
    2.Overheat protection 
    3.Wrong or reverse phase protection 
    4.High/low pressure protection 
    5.Oil level protection 
    6.Chilled or cooling water shortage protection 
    7.Anti-freezing protection for chiller water 
    8.Temperature sensor or communication failure malfunction alarm
    Network communication 
    1.Support multiple electronic communication protocol 
    2.Group control for multiple master units & Network communication with multiple intelligent equipments 
    3.Compressors start up in sequence and balance the friction each other 
    4.Self-diagnostic & Self-lock function 
    5.Fully automatically energy saving operation

    Air cooled Screw Chiller Features
    Optimized system design 
    1,System adopt two or four sets scroll compressors parallel connection,system control the compressor start/stop according to water outlet temp.
    2,High efficient water-side heat exchanger,adopt high efficient plate or shell& tube heat exchanger design
    3,High efficiency and wide application temp,range:45 degree in summer and -15 degree in winter
    4,Imported High efficient thermostatic expansion valve, adjust the refrigerant flow quantity through adjust the system sub-cool degree, the Part load COP can be reach 3.5.
    Intelligent control ,easy operation
    1,Web-side control technology:Max.16 sets modules can be finish one air-con system,adopt RS485 communication port connect each other,easy to operate.
    2,Fan coil simultaneous control technology: indoor fan coil can be controlled individually or centrally. 
    3,Auto check technology
    4,Communication wires can reach 1000m,more convenient for remote control.
    Module structure design
    Maximum can connect to 16 modules.
    Safety and protection devices:
    1.Phase reverse protection device
    2.High and low pressure switch
    3.Freeze protection device 
    4.Overheat protection device 
    5.Overload protection device,etc. 
    6.With Timer ON/OFF, AUTO operation, defrosting,etc.functions
    Easy to operate
    1.Control software:specially designed control software to match the whole units, easy to operate:
    2.Self-diagnose tech
    3.Simultaneous control tech
    4.Diagnose output 
    5.The controller conserve RS-485 standard communication interface, can realized multi master unit control and also can connected to BMS system if the customers needed.
    6.Self-diagnose technology
    7.Simultaneous central control technology

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