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    Kybom Air Cooled Mini Chiller

    Kybom Air Cooled Mini Chiller

    AMC series modular chiller is recent development new product to meet the needs of industrial and building air-conditioning, it consists of multiple small parallel chiller units.

    Mini air-cooled water chiller is widely used for the comfort of central air conditioning system in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition halls, airports, stadiums and other public facilities. And can meet the different process air-conditioning system requirements of the electronics, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology, and textile, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, electrical, mechanical and other industries.

    Unit is suitable for installation in roofs, floors, balconies and other open spaces. Eliminating the need for the boiler room, no special room, can reduce investment in civil works; also eliminates the need for cooling towers, cooling water pumps and other cooling water systems, which greatly saves water.

    All control operation by microcomputer, the unit is easy to install, manage, and simple maintenance.

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