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    Fan Coil Unit System Control


    ● Attractive modern styling makes this ther mostatideal for locating in the 
       occupied space   
    ● Digital LCD display of room ambient temperature  and user selected 
       temperature setting on demand
    ● Adjustable heating/cooling/ventilating mode control
    ● Adjustable manual 3-speed or automatic fan speed control and on/off 
       control output for valve
    ● Infrared remote control available(optional)
    ● Backlight function available(optional)
    ● Thermostat mounted directly onto a wall or standard junction box
    ● Model available for 24Vac, 85-260Vac, power input
    ● Reliable DC power supply by transformer
    ● Reliable output by relays


    ● Mode: Cool, Heat and Vent.    

    ● Room Temperature Setting                 
    ● Detect and Display Room Temperature      
    ● Low Temperature Protection
    ● Manual/Auto Fan Speed Changeover
    ● Backlight Function Available(optional)
    ● Remote Control (Optional)
    Honeywell thermostat T6373
    Digital Fan Control Thermostat
    WFS21 Brass nickel-plated paddle flow switch
    T41-V41 Electro Thermal Valve
    T33-V33 Thermostatic Radiator Control Valve
    T32-V32 Thermostatic Radiator Control Valve
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