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    Refrigeration System Control

    YK Series Single Cut Single Thrower Auto-Reset Pressure Control

    Product Specifications:

    Adopting Eng.thread quick connector(copper flare connection) or brass tube welding fitting structure,fiexibly setting,easy to use and no special need for mounting and fixing.
    Plugging or wiring connection designed to customers'choice.
    SPST connection, normal open or normal close structure to customers'choice.
    Security and rellability by adopting fusion welding stainless steel pressure inductor and full air-tight connection.
    Any pressure value within 3~800 PSI(0.02~5.5PMa)can be made based on customers' requirement.
    Pre-set pressure parameter before delivery allows direct use without resetting on the customers'site.
    York Oil Filter Element 026-32831-000
    York Keypad 024-30978-000
    York IO board 031-02050-002
    York Hight Pressure Switch 025-28985-002
    York termperature sensor 025-28663-001
    York Microchannel Coil

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