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    Water System Heat Exchanger
    1. High heat exchange efficiency and compact structure The heat exchange tube is an international heat transfer enhancement technological development high-tech small-channel product and is subjected to repeated parameter simulation and actual measurement optimization by the company. The arrangement mode of the heat exchange tube has originality and has obtained a technological invention patent, and the heat transfer coefficient has reached the advanced level of the field of heat exchangers at present. One inner tube component is divided into two inner tube components by a double fluorine-water product, so the problem that the heat exchange amount of a single old product cannot be increased is solved; and meanwhile, the design structure fully utilizes the heat exchange capacity of all inner tubes and is more economic and practical.
    2. Freezing resistance The repeated freezing actual measurement of the heat exchanger shows that inside and outside are not broken; and water cannot enter a refrigeration system.
    3. Corrosion resistance and long service life A water contact surface is closed and is preferably made of engineering plastic which has better resistance to all kinds of corrosion and longer service life than metal.
    4. Excellent maintainability and easy cleaning A detachable shell ensures the heat exchanger is very convenient to maintain and clean.
    5. High cleanliness The heavy steel plastic compounded shell and the engineering plastic closed inner container ensure that the inside is clean, and the weight of the heat exchanger is reduced.
    6. Capability of being used in special water The red copper, iron white copper and titanium heat exchange tube components have been successfully researched and developed, so the heat exchanger can be applied to special water/media such as sea water and swimming pool water or application occasions.
    Brazed heat exchangers
    Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger
    Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
    Air-Cooled Condenser
    Heat pump indoor unit
    Shell Tube Type Heat Exchanger
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